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Welcome to “Galini Taverna”

Galini Taverna in Saint Stephanos, on the North East of Corfu, has been operating since 1972. It is the first taverna that opened in Saint Stephanos village. Since then, this famous taverna, has welcomed many international visitors that have enjoyed its specialities and local fish dishes.

The romantic scenery of Saint Stephanos bay, the warm and friendly service of the Galini Taverna staff, the good food and pricing make dinner an unforgettable experience.


Galini Taverna is ideally located in the centre of the village of Saint Stephanos, on the northeast coast of the island. Saint Stephanos is 42 km far from Corfu Town and 6 km away from Kassiopi, Corfu.

Galini Taverna JettyGalini Taverna Jetty

Galini TavernaGalini Taverna Jetty

It is open every day serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks from early in the morning, until late in the evening.

Wedding and engagement receptions, birthday parties and anniversaries can also be arranged.

The Menu

Galini TavernaGalini Taverna

The taverna dishes are prepared to suit all preferences. You can choose from our extensive menu of meat, fish or vegetarian dishes.

You can begin your meal with hot or cold starters like tzatziki, baked feta cheese, mussels saganaki, mussels marinated, prawns, hummus. Do not forget to taste the famous ‘figs with prossuto’.

Accompany your main course with fresh and tasteful salads.

Galini Taverna JettyGalini Taverna

A children’s menu is also available.

For those that are meat lovers they can enjoy dishes prepared with fresh local meat or have one of the famous Galini fillet stakes with a wide range of sauces.

Galini TavernaGalini Taverna

A variety of freshly caught fish and seafood can be found in Galini Taverna, served in many different ways, grilled, boiled, “Bourtheto” (spicy local dish) or fried. Also served are fresh lobsters, quality fish and seafood,

A great selection of Greek wines, red, wine or rose, Beers, wines, spirits, cocktails, juices and soft drinks, can accompany your meal.

Galini Taverna wide selection of Greek winesGalini Taverna Wine

After your meal, relax and enjoy the tranquility of Saint Stephanos bay with nice dessert like pastry, crepes and ice cream.

Short Taverna History

Early 1964 Nikos Sarakinos took over Galini Taverna and quickly turn into a busy place, attracting the first tourists of the area.

In 1985 Nikos Sarakinos, the grandson, has followed the family legacy and taken over Galini Taverna and adapted it to meet the ever increasing demand for exquisite menus and service

Galini TavernaGalini Taverna Jetty

Sait Stephanos bay from Galini Taverna's JettyGalini Taverna fresh fish


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